Since 1995 Online Casinos have grown from strength to strength. Many establishments have become famous for their great service and big wins. There was however a few that has damaged the industry with their rip-off tactics.

The history behind the growth of Online Casinos

Educating players on how the industry is structured and should operate is possibly the only solution to prevent doggy operators from ripping off unsuspected players. Part of the problem though is that the majority of players only get to learn of these structures after they ended up in trouble or have issues with one of the online casinos.

The online casino industry is one of the most enjoyable industries the online market has to offer. It is known for the higher odds it offers compared to most of its brick and mortar equals but also for the quality of its software. Huge bonuses are also unique to the online industry and real attractive promotions and prizes often create a buzz. However despite these attractive deals and offers, the industry has its rules. Rules often hidden and often not talked about. A further problem new players have to deal with is the amounts of misinformation that are freely available on the Internet. Taking informed decisions suddenly becomes a problem as who should you believe?

The fact of the matter is that you should take the responsibility for your own money and pleasure to find out these things for yourself. Soon you will discover sites such as this one makes life allot easier as they only promote respectable establishments. To make it easier for you here is a few important points to consider before playing at an online casino.

Licensing Jurisdiction

In order for an online casino to be able to operate it needs to be licensed. Many smaller countries have legalized online gambling and regulate it. Some has higher standards than others when it comes to their legislation and at the end of the day this can become the players only recourse if there is an issue that needs to be resolved. The UK, Gibraltar and Kahnawake are some of the trusted names in the industry but then there are Belize, Cyprus and Venezuela that should rather be avoided. Also ensure that the casino clearly indicates where their gambling license are being held, if it is hidden you should rather avoid the operation.

Terms and Conditions

All online casinos has terms and conditions. Ensure that you are comfortable with the terms and conditions and that you fully understand them. Often special promotions have their own terms and conditions separate from the general terms and conditions. Ensure that you are fully aware of wager requirements and other conditions before taking on an offer.

Often players from specific countries are excluded for specific promotions or for play in general. Ensure the country you are playing from is not excluded. A very important thing to remember when opening an account is that casinos often amend or make changes to their terms and conditions. Therefore make a backup copy of the terms and conditions you agreed to, to be able to reference it if a problem does occur later on.

Age restrictions

All decent casinos have an age restriction of 18 years some of 21 years. Ensure that you are of legal age before playing. Many casinos will simply refuse to pay out under aged players and that can result in huge losses for such a player.

The role of affiliate sites

An affiliate act as an independent representative of an online casino that earn an income in referring players to the casino. Although the majority of affiliates will only support trusted casinos and has a true passion for the industry, there are those that are in it just for the money. They will make use of dodgy advertising and marketing tactics to lure players into making deposits at dodgy casinos that allow their marketing tactics. These dodgy marketing tactics should be seen as a reflection of the attitude of the casino they are representing. Avoid spamming casinos, they cannot be trusted!

Websites with no or senseless information with banners on them should also be avoided and casinos advertising on such sites should be regarded as high risk. The online gambling industry has nothing to hide and therefore rather support casino websites that offers a wealth of information and is transparent in their interpretations.

Before making deposits

There are various banking methods available to players. Ensure that you have your banking sorted out before opening a real account. There are very reliable payment methods such as Neteller and Firepay available that can give you allot more freedom and safety when playing at online casinos. Never give out your credit card information to an operator if you are not planning to make use of it when playing.

Also make sure you have a copy of your Drivers license, Passport or identity document and utility bill with your address ready in jpg or gif format before opening a real account.

Software providers

Software providers are the crux of your online gaming experience. Ensure that the casino clearly indicates what software vendor they are using. This in itself will indicate the standard and fairness of play. Furthermore, the software should be checked by independent auditors to ensure that the software is fair and perfectly random. If the casino does not disclose the software it is using or they are using an in-house system, then rather avoid playing there.

Other players experiences

A very important step when evaluating a casino is to do a search on a search engine such as Google. You can use the following keywords for searches just replace the add the casino name.

‘casino name rogue casino’
‘casino name blacklisted’
‘avoid casino name’
‘bad casino name’

These were only examples of what keywords you could use. There are more options but these should already give you an indication of bad player experiences at the casino in question. Opposite searches can also be done… ‘casino name good casino’ ‘fantastic casino name’

A good way of ensuring that you are playing with reliable operators is off course to ask on large discussion forums for advice. Most of the time players here would be able to use their knowledge and expertise to assist you in having a joyful online gaming experience.

Seals of approval

In the casino industry there are one very important seal of approval that a casino needs to have to ensure safe playing environment and an effective means of finding a solution if an issue do take place. eCOGRA is an independent watchdog organization that ensures safe player environment. eCOGRA also offers the service to players incase a casino do not resolve issues the player feels are unjust. Always look for the eCOGRA seal before playing at a casino. It is important to note that not all casinos feel the eCOGRA seal is important for their operations and therefore do not apply. This however is an approach that must change soon as eCOGRA requires high standards from casinos listed with them and will pull the eCOGRA seal from any casino that do not resolve issues in due time.

Player Support

Player support is a very important factor and should be one of the primary factors to qualify any casino on. It is vital that online casinos offer Live Chat, email support and telephonic support. Support should also be offered 24hours a day and turn around times is should be acceptable to you. Some casinos even offer callback functions whereby you only need to fill in a contact form and they will contact you back.


It is advisable to make use of different email addresses for different casinos and then make notes of each email address. In that way you can be sure you know who the guilty party is when you do receive unsolicited emails. Unfortunately some operators feel that spam is acceptable. However this is not supported by the industry as a whole and there is no reason you as the player should be inundated by spam email. By using different email addresses for different casinos it will be easy for you to close an email address incase the guilty party are unwilling to comply to unsubscribe requests. Unsolicited spam can be reported to that will in turn contact the ISP or guilty party and put an end to the spamming.


Online casinos offer great excitement and fantastic offers that often attracts you to play with them. This should be a fun filled experience and there is no reason for a player to be left unhappy after experience this fine means of entertainment. There are ways to ensure safe play, therefore learn these things before possibly ending up paying the price. Sites like Online Casino Reviewer and Betsage only promote reputable casinos and casinos whereby they are able to assist players with any issues they might experience. Enjoy the tables and enjoy the slots that is why they are there!