Unlike traditional land-based casinos, most UK online casinos will offer a variety of banking options to make sure their players can get the convenience they need. From direct bank transfers to digital currencies, you can use almost any payment method you want to deposit in your casino.

However, despite the variety, some players would still refrain from playing at a casino simply because they don’t quite get how different banking systems work. Security concerns, different fees and complicated depositing processes are only some of the things that prevent new-joiners from enjoying online gambling.

If you’re one of those people and you need help depositing, here’s a simple guide on the most popular banking options in United Kingdom online casinos and how to use them. You can also visit our other website for more information about each banking option and their pros and cons.

Credit, Debit, and Prepaid Cards

One of the most popular ways of depositing in an online casino is to use prepaid or bank cards. The main reason why this method is so popular is that most people already have banks cards and know how to use them online. The same goes with prepaid cards, with the only difference being that you have to top up a prepaid card before you use it.

Bank cards are also one of the fastest ways of getting money into your account without any large fees incurred by third parties on your deposits. However, using a card also means that you will be leaving your banking information with the casino, which plenty of people aren’t comfortable with. Also, depending on your country, your bank cards might not be eligible for withdrawals or deposits.

To use your card at a casino, simply follow these steps:

  • Log into your casino account;
  • Go to banking options;
  • Go to deposit and choose deposit by card;
  • Enter your card info and select your amount;
  • Enter your CCV (3-digit number at the back of the card);
  • Click process/finish.


With the advance of banking technology, many casino players have turned to e-wallets instead of more traditional methods. The key reason for using an e-wallet for many players is that they offer a number of benefits like instant transfers, extra layers of security, as well as extra bonuses for using a digital wallet (in some casinos).

However, as convenient as they are, e-wallets charge fees for your withdrawals and deposits. In turn, they offer another level of SSL security protection and hide your banking information from the casino. This is a major plus to most players, although it’s not a bulletproof solution.

To deposit with an e-wallet, you would first have to open an account with a digital payment provider. Once you have that out of the way, just follow these steps:

  • Log into your casino account;
  • Go to banking options;
  • Go to deposit and choose deposit by e-wallet;
  • Select your payment provider from the list;
  • Enter your deposit amount and click agree;
  • If you are redirected to your e-wallet, login and approve the payment;
  • If you aren’t re-directed, go to your account, log in, and click approve.

Bank Transfers

Some players prefer to wire money directly from their bank account, simply because they are already familiar with the process. And apart from bringing a dose of familiarity, bank transfer also ensure another level of security as the transactions are supervised and approved by your bank. However, this also means additional fees and more processing time, which might or might not be a problem for you.

To deposit through your bank, follow these steps:

  • Log into your casino account;
  • Go to banking options;
  • Go to deposit and choose deposit by bank transfer;
  • Copy the casino’s banking information you get carefully;
  • Mind whether you need to designate your username for the transfer;
  • Log into your e-banking portal or head to your local branch;
  • Fill in a transfer form with the casino’s information;
  • Approve the transfer and wait for the funds to clear;


Bitcoins are a very popular digital currency that an increasing number of players are starting to use due to a number of reasons. First of all, Bitcons offer almost instant transactions and a level of security that no other payment methods can match. Although not quite anonymous, Bitcoins can protect you from identity theft since they don’t require any banking or personal information to be disclosed.

To deposit with Bitcoins, the first step would be to start a Bitcoin wallet. You can find many different wallet services online and the one you choose will depend on you entirely. Once you have your wallet, just follow these steps:

  • Load your wallet with Bitcoins;
  • Log into your casino account;
  • Go to banking options;
  • Go to deposit and choose deposit by Bitcoins;
  • Copy the casino’s Bitcoin address or simply scan the QR code;
  • Open your wallet and paste the address (if not done automatically);
  • Enter your amount and check whether you want a verification;
  • Approve and get playing.