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Betting tips favourite betting way – under/over

Betting tips likes under/over bets extremely much and the bet way are fairly popular within the betting community. As you as a gambler don’t have specific feelings towards many of the teams you bet on it’s easier to bet on how many/few goals there will be in a match. The betting way under/over gives you the chance to bet on how many goals or points there will be in a match or at certain point of the match. The most common bet on for example hockey are under/over 5.5 goal after full time.

One of many betting tips for you is to always be aware of the terms and conditions with your bookmaker for over/under bets. Does it count extra time or is it just standard time? The amount of time being played will affect your bet and if the odds seem to good to be true Betting tips urge you to check the terms before placing your bet.

To win a “under” bet you have to find a match in a league that you feel comfortable with and that you know play more defensive and safe football rather then wild football with many goal scored. When you think you have found the right match, just place your betting tips and if the there are 2 goals or less in the match combined for both teams you will win your bet. One of our betting tips when it comes to over/under bets are to check through statistics of the 2 teams last 4 matches ahead of the match, both against other teams and matches just with the teams that are facing each other in the particular match you’re betting on.

Check injuries

Another of many good betting tips is also to keep your self updated on the injuries in both teams leading up to that match. If you have a secret betting tips or update on a upcoming match, share it with your fellow betters and send it in via our contact function! When you gambled years ago online you had to wait a while before your bet got accepted and if the odds changed in the meanwhile waiting, you would have double confirm and start the whole process over again. But today many if not all bookies have a option on your betting slips to tick in a box which auto accepts odds changes and get through your bet quicker.

Especially good to use when betting live on tennis and other “fast” sports that have the possibility to turn around quickly! When you place under/over bets you don’t particularly have to bet under total under/over on goals combined in the match, you can for example bet on home team to score over 2.5 goals, you can bet on under 9.5 corners in a match, you can even bet on over 5.5 card in 1 match (betting tips, when it comes to derby’s we usually bets over 5.5 card as they tend to be a bit rougher.) If you feeling particular hot one day and already have a under/over bet planned out, you can combine your under/over bet with for example “home team to win,” this bet way will increase your odds drastically.

Another bet way we want to put out there now when already at it are “Result + both to score” which is really entertaining. It gives you the chance to example bet for “Home team to win – yes both team will score.” This particular bet very often gives you a good odds, our management usually use this betting way when good top of the league teams collide (Except Italy Serie A.) This betting way might be easier to use if you’re not particular found if any of the teams your betting on and is just looking for a good bet.

More tips

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The wonders of live betting

If you’re already all about watching sports, and looking to add another thrill to that interest live betting is totally for you. Live betting makes the experience watching sports even more thrilling and exiting than sports already are. With the amazing range of live stream events being offered on the online bookies it’s one of our best betting tips for you, combine your interest goal ball betting tips pic with watching sport and betting, and you can stream free sports events with your bookmaker!

For live betting, our favourite sports to bet on would be tennis, volleyball or handball. There are lots of different live bet options on these sports, if you have placed an already big bet before the match, it’s really thrilling to place many small bets live during the match for example who win next ball? Or how many serve aces will a player perform during one set? If you’re on a live betting hot streak, those small staked bets could possible also even out your big pre-game bet, doubling your total winnings when the “fat lady sings” and the last match on your coupon.

Betting tips can’t point out enough how much fun live betting adds to your whole gambling experience, and there is a lot of money to be made if you are good to feel the tempo in the match and predict the outcome 10-15 minutes ahead based on those feelings.

Go with your guts! Another betting tips when you’re betting on tennis live, remember to check out what’s your bookies rules regarding tennis and void. Some companies let the bet stand in tennis as long as the 1 set have been played finished, regardless if you placed your bet just before the match is abandon. Our betting tips comes from years of working with iGaming, based on what we came across we’re positive that the betting tips we share will help your betting experience become more pleasant and smooth.

When you’re live betting it is important to follow your guts, if you don’t the golden opportunity might be gone forever. When you live bet the odds are constantly changing and if you see a change for the underdog that the bookmaker hasn’t seen yet, you can earn a lot of cash. We you the best of luck with your live bets!